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At Monkey Puzzle Maidenhead we recognise that each child, parent, and nursery relationship is unique, and we use our experience to support everyone in making that transition into nursery life as smooth as possible.

Our settling in sessions are unique and tailored to each individual child and their needs. The children’s wellbeing and happiness is our priority.

 We want to ensure every child has secure attachments to familiar adults and they are content in their new environment prior to attending their scheduled sessions. 

The parents and staff work in partnership to provide each child with accurate starting points to begin to scaffold their learning throughout their Monkey Puzzle journey. We have an effective key person system in place and starts from the first session.

The key person is responsible for embedding the EYFS within the child’s day and to ensure parents receive observations and assessments that reflect the child’s ongoing development.

Gradual steps – your first sessions

Your child will then be invited to 3 FREE settling in sessions within the nursery that will be organised as follows:

Settling in sessions

Session 1

During this session we will get to know you and your child and complete our “All About Me” forms. We aim to learn about your child’s current routine, their likes and dislikes, interests and any allergies or special requirements. This allows you and your child to meet your child’s key person and start to get to know the team and the environment.

Session 2

The second settling in session is for 1.5  hour. You will come into the setting and settle your child with their key person and then you will leave them with us to experience different activities and to meet other children and  staff members.

Session 3

The third settling visit will be a 2 hour visit. This visit can be in the morning or afternoon. It could be mid-morning enabling your child to experience having snack, lunch and maybe a nap with us.

We advise settling in sessions to take place with a morning and afternoon session as this enables your child to experience all of the activities and mealtimes that go on throughout the day.

These sessions are free and flexible to suit. Usually booked by the Nursery Manager,  the week before the official start date keeping the experience fresh in your child’s mind. The child’s key person will fill in a report each step of the way which will help us and yourselves to track your child’s settling in and plan future support and development.

Transitions from one room to another

When we feel your child is ready to move onto the next stage of development we begin the transition from their current room to the next one within the Nursery. The room leader from your child’s current room will begin to discuss the transition with you.

Several visits to the new room will be organised within the nursery and you will be kept informed when these happen. Settling in sessions are arranged for your child to familiarise them with the routine, other children and team members in their new room. Some children need lots of visits, some children never look back, so the number and duration of visits will vary depending on the child.

You will be introduced to your child’s new key worker and given the opportunity to visit the new room and ask any questions you have.

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