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Eating well is essential for children in their early years. Young Children need to eat well to establish good eating patterns, ensure they grow and develop appropriately, to protect their teeth, to ensure they arrive at school at a healthy body weight and able to enjoy a variety of different foods.

Food and nutrition is important to us and we know that a healthy balanced diet is essential to support your child’s learning and development

We provide fresh balanced meals to all children at each meal or snack time, prepared by our in-house chef . A choice of fresh fruit is available at snack times, morning and afternoon. We also cater for all dietary requirements and preferences.

Meal times are fun for all and a great opportunity for nursery practitioners to bond with your child. They are sociable learning opportunities, where we teach children about good manners, different foods and how to feed themselves independently. 

  • Fresh water is available to the children at all times and no squash is served.
  • Breakfast consists of a variety of non-sugary cereals and toast.
  • Lunch is always a balanced 2 course meal, cooked freshly on the premises by our dedicated nursery chef.
  • Tea is always a 2 course meal prepared fresh by our chef, and includes a variety of choices including homemade soups, wraps and pasta meals.
  • Snacks– Fruit platter for mid-morning and for mid-afternoon, healthy-satisfying snacks like whole wheat crackers, bread sticks, rice crackers or rich tea biscuits are served with milk/water. 
  • Copies of our 3 weekly rotating menus are available at the nursery 

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