National Story Telling Week

We have been focusing on National Story Telling Week at Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Maidenhead. The practitioners have been planning and implementing activities where children have been developing their knowledge and understanding in Literacy. The children have enjoyed being able to bring in their favourite book from home ready to share with their friends in nursery.

NSPCC Number Day

 A very important day which we promoted in the nursery as we understand how important it is to teach children about what abuse is and what to do if they are scared or worried. Here at Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Maidenhead, we used mathematics in our learning to support NSPCC Number Day and children took part in learning about numbers through the use of playdough, cotton buds and wool.

Childrens Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health gets missed as we do not expect children to go through this, however this is very wrong for us to think like that. Here at Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Maidenhead, we have been spreading awareness about this through age-appropriate activities. For circle time in our toddler/ preschool room we sat down and discussed different emotions and feelings and how we can express ourselves when we are struggling. Together with support from each other children were able to talk through the options of what they can do.

Pancake Day

Our favourite time of the year where we can sit back and indulge in yummy homemade pancakes. Here in the nursery, we created our very own batter with the children and then created pancakes using made. This activity supported children in being able to develop within the areas of physical development, mathematics, knowledge and understanding of the world as well as expressive arts and design. our portable hot plate. This was a good opportunity for children to focus on seeing how pancakes are